Videos reliable and affordable 4×4 car rental Namibia

The best way to discover Namibia and its neighbouring countries is to drive with your own 4x4 vehicle.

If you want to go on a back-to-nature camping trip or prefer the comfort of lodges and hotels in Namibia, we can offer you the best suitable car perfectly fitted for your needs and preferences. Our offer ranges from ordinary 4×4 pickups and SUVs to fully equipped camping vehicles which meet many possible requirements. Our cars may cross the border for example to Botswana and South-Africa. We guarantee that all our vehicles are in excellent condition and well serviced.


We will supply a reliable and affordable 4×4 car rental for your self drive trip in Africa!

Asco Car Hire - Who are we?

Asco Car Hire is one of the largest 4x4 car rental companies in Namibia and maintains a new fleet of motor vehicles for hire for trips through southern Africa.

ASCO Car Hire Fleet

Asco Car Hire offers premium quality with our impeccable fleet of Toyota 4x4 vehicles.

Setting up the tent by Asco Car Hire

Camping is as easy as it can be with Asco Car Hire. Setting up a tent is done in a few minutes.

The Namibian Dream | Asco Car Hire

Namibia is the land of different colors and contrasts. Join Nuria Goma on her trip in Namibia and fall in love with this beautiful country.

Namibia from a bird's eye view

Discover the breathtaking Kaokoland from a bird's eye view. Witness how the well-equipped Toyota Landcruisers from Asco Car Hire masters the difficult rough terrain.

The beauty of Namibia

From desert to mountain ranges, from the savannahs to the rugged coastline, the beauty of Namibia is for you to explore.

Exploring Namibia with Asco Car Hire

Namibia is a country of almost-superlatives and a travelers dream. With Asco Car Hire, you have a trusted companion to explore all the majestic and breathtaking beauty Namibia has to offer.

Travelling through Namibia

Travel with Asco Car Hire through Namibia, a rugged but breathtaking country located in sub-Saharan Africa in the south western corner of the continent. Namibia is a land of gripping beauty!

Adventuring in Namibia

There is nothing more rejuvenating than travelling. Something about it, changes you forever!

Start planning your dream holiday to Africa!