Extra options 4x4 car hire


In addition to your 4×4 vehicle booking with or without camping equipment, you can add extra items and equipment, such as a satellite phone, child seats, GPS Navigation or a Luxury Camping Set.

Extras are available together with car bookings and cannot be booked on their own. If not sure what you need, you can add extras to your booking at a later stage.


€6 per day

The Asco Assist GPS Navigation System unit from Garmin guides you through all Southern African countries, off-road as well as on the road. Easy to use touch screen shows distances and arrival time.

The Navigation System guides the user visually through turn-by-turn directions and verbally in 40 different languages.


€10.40 per day

Namibia’s cell-phone network covers only 30% of the country. In case of emergency a Satellite Phone offers you unlimited communications from even the remotest wilderness in Southern Africa.

It comes in a dust and waterproof case and includes a 220V and 12V car charger. Call charges: US$ 1.95 / min. The first 10 minutes are free of charge.


€10.40 per day

Namibia's cellular network is exceptionally good, covering all tarred roads and parts of the gravel road network. Car-fi is a mobile hotspot made specifically for cars. The Wi-fi connection will provide speeds of up to 100 Mb/s in major cities with 4G network, and up to 10 Mb/s in smaller towns on 3G network. 

On the road, the connection will provide speeds of anything from 0,5 Mb/s depending on network quality. The hotspot can connect to up to 10 devices at the same time. Works only in Namibia, no other countries.


€6 per day

Stay in touch with your companions in the wilderness. Perfect for larger groups travelling with multiple cars.

The two-way radios offer coverage up to 35km and eases communication between vehicles in your group. You'll be able talk to other cars in your group with the click of a button.


€6 per day

Emergency Location Beacons are used to alert rescue services by transmitting a coded message on the international distress frequency, which is relayed via satellites and earth stations to the nearest rescue co-ordination centre.

The system is one you can rely on. The COSPAS SARSAT SYSTEM has rescued over 30,700 people since it was first established in 1982. Only to be used is real emergency situations.


€41.80 per reservation

Let the younger family members travel safely during your trip. You can choose between baby seats and booster seats for children up to 9 year old.

We take the safety of our clients seriously, and only rely on the best quality child seats.


€7 per day

Camping in style is now possible with our luxury camping package. The hard top roof top tent accommodates two persons and is very easy to pitch up and close again. Your bedding can be stored in the tent safe from dust and water.

The easy to set up awning provides a 2.4m span of shade in the hot Namibian Sun.


€3.80 per day

Swop your roof tents to an traditional igloo tent and sleep closer to the ground. Additional ground tents can also be included in case the party prefers to have individual tents for members. In case of a five people group, one extra ground tent is added to the rental.


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Asco car hire has a multitude of additional camping equipment which can be added to your rental from cool boxes to cast iron pots and family tents to jerry cans. Please get in touch with us should you require additional camping equipment, but also be aware of what is already included in your rental before booking anything extra.

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