4x4 Rental Vehicles in Namibia & Southern Africa

✓ No Hidden Costs ✓ 24/7 Support ✓ Free Airport transfer

Experience the ultimate safari trip in one of our 4×4 rental vehicles for your self-drive trip in Southern Africa


€75 /per day
  • All these vehicles are perfectly designed for both the tarred and the gravel roads. SUV's are more luxurious and can only be rented without camping equipment. The second category is the standard 4×4 off-road vehicles withouth camping equipment. Both are excellent for all African roads and the vehicles can even be taken off-road.

    ✔ Model year: 2018–2023
    ✔ Persons: 1–5
    ✔ Not Camping Equipped
    ✔ Transmission: Automatic & Manual
    ✔ Luggage: 5 Big
    ✔ Unlimited Mileage

4×4 + CAMPING 1–2 PERS

€81 /per day
  • The fully equipped 4×4 off-road vehicles are adjusted to deal with the rough African roads. The camping equipment consists of one roof tent (or ground tent if desired), a camping refrigerator, a table, chairs, pillows and duvets, BBQ grill, pots and pans, kitchen tools, etc. In other words, everything you need for a comfortable camping trip.

    ✔ Model year: 2018–2023
    ✔ Persons: 1–2
    ✔ Camping Equipped
    ✔ Transmission: Automatic & Manual
    ✔ Luggage: 5 Big
    ✔ Unlimited Mileage

4×4 + CAMPING 3-5 PERS

€92 /per day
  • The fully equipped 4×4 off-road vehicles are adjusted to deal with the rough African roads. The camping equipment consists of two roof tents (or ground tents if desired), a refrigerator, tables, chairs, pillows and duvets, BBQ grill, pots and pans, kitchen tools, etc. In other words, everything you need for a comfortable camping trip.

    ✔ Model year: 2018–2023
    ✔ Persons: 3–5
    ✔ Camping Equipped
    ✔ Transmission: Automatic & Manual
    ✔ Luggage: 5 Big
    ✔ Unlimited Mileage

This is what Asco Car Hire stands for


Have peace-of-mind with our own excellent 24 hours‚ 7 days a week‚ breakdown service. In the unlikely event that your car should break down‚ you won’t lose any valuable holiday time. We organize your immediate and professional support!


Get from Windhoek International Airport to the city with our airport transfers. We offer a free airport shuttle service between 07.00 – 16.30, 7 days a week.


Our vehicles are serviced and fully tested between every rental. We advise clients extensively on how to handle the vehicle on our Namibian roads and offer our own excellent breakdown service, 24 hours 7 days a week.

Asco Car Hire Trust

We support projects that implement sustainable practices in the Namibian environment and tourism sector. 

Tourism Supporting Conservation (TOSCO)

We share TOSCO’s ethos to ‘travel responsibly the Namibian way’. TOSCO Trust is the organisation for all responsible tourism companies, guides and travelers who support conservation in Namibia.

AfriCat Foundation

The Asco Car Hire Trust also supports the AfriCat Foundation through which we have adopted a leopard! The leopard is classified as “Near Threatened” according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

What most people want to know about 4x4 car hire

The following questions and answers are a selection of the most common questions.
If you do not find the answer to your question, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us.

Our rentals start from 6 days up to as long as you need the car.
Go to the reservation page and follow the steps given to select a vehicle for your chosen dates. The reservations screen will only display available vehicles so if you do not find the vehicle you want, it is likely booked out for the period you need.
The speed limits in Namibia are 120km/h on tarred roads, 100km/h on gravel roads and 60km/h in cities and national parks.

However, for safety reasons Asco Car Hire imposes a speed limit of 80km/h on all gravel roads for our vehicles. The cars are equipped with a black box which tracks the speed and location of the cars, and will notify the driver with a loud beep when the speed limit is being broken. Note that if you do exceed the speed limit, your insurance and excess will lapse and become invalid. Please have a look at our insurances page for more information.

No, the price you receive at the final step of the reservation process is the price you need to pay, and it is dependent on your rental duration and the extras you need. We do charge an additional 'out of hours fee' for administrative reasons when pick-up or drop-off falls on a weekend or a public holiday, but this will be indicated in your rental total.

Asco Car Hire reserves the right to impose an age limit for the drivers at a minimum of 23 years for all vehicles with a 2.4l engine in Budget groups, 25 years for all vehicles with a 2.4l engine in Asco groups, and 30 years for all larger engine size cars.

A younger persons may be given a right to drive one of our vehicles by special consideration from management, in which case a young driver surcharge will be added to the booking. Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions for more information. If you have any questions or concerns about this rule, please get in touch with us personally so that we may assist you.

No, it is not mandatory but highly recommended. All Asco Car Hire vehicles are insured with a third party insurance. In addition to that, you can choose from our four different insurance options, which provide cover to varying degrees.

The reduced excess options determine the amount in damages up to which you are liable in case of an accident. You can have look at our insurance options in detail here on the insurance page and we recommend you take the time to read through the details. If you have any further questions after reading through this information, feel free to contact us.

Login at the 'My Booking" page using your email and the reference ID you received with your booking confirmation. At the 'My Booking" section you will be able to change dates or car type, add or remove extras, and even cancel your booking if necessary. 

Please note that Changes and cancellations are only possible through the portal until 2 weeks before your trip. If you have last a last minute need to change something or cancel, please get in touch vial mail or phone so that we can assist you. Please do note that our change and cancellation policy may apply to any changes and cancellations done via the 'My booking portal' or by mail.

self drive trips

Asco Travel


If you are planning a trip to Africa, Asco Car Hire now also offers accommodation bookings and tour planning.Asco Car Hire arranges your entire journey, including 4x4 car rental, equipment, insurance, accommodations and bookings.

Renting a car and deciding on your travel dates is the first step but what happens in between your arrival and departure makes all the difference for your self-drive trip. Planning and booking a self-drive holiday can be a strenuous experience and we are here to make it as easy and convenient for you as possible.



Our budget-friendly rental cars are all in top-notch condition and receive regular servicing. The budget 4×4 rental cars fall under our 'budget brand,' offering cost savings without compromising quality. These vehicles, while slightly older, come at reduced prices and have higher kilometer readings than our Asco fleet. You may notice some visible signs of wear-and-tear due to their age, but like all vehicles in the rental fleet, they are thoroughly inspected and well-maintained and serviced. Explore the different budget-friendly choices and easily book the ideal budget car for your adventure!


✓ CO2 Compensation ✓ Trees Planted ✓ CO2 off-set units

Asco Car Hire is an official sponsor of the Moreson School. All trees purchased by Asco Car Hire customers are planted and maintained at the Moreson School. The Moreson School is a school for cognitively impaired. The trees that are planted are mainly fruit trees, which the children will take care of. The yield of the fruit trees will complement the diet of the children, but in the future also serve as a source of income, because the fruit is to be processed into jam and juices. The children learn to cook, simple woodwork, but also the making of bricks at the school. The Moreson School program is designed to give children a future in simple occupations. We are very proud to support this special school and we are happy about any support.

Travel green – the Namibian way

In a move towards carbon neutral tourism, Asco Car Hire decided to support the Eloolo Permaculture Organisation and Tourism Supporting Conservation Trust (TOSCO) to create Namibia’s very own carbon offsetting programme.

The initiative offers tourist to travel with a clean conscience by donating towards the planting of trees as a means to offset vehicles’ direct carbon emissions.

What to compensate?

As an estimate, each litre of diesel emits 2.64 kg of CO2, while one tree can absorb around 100 kg of carbon in its lifetime.

For example, for a 3 000 km self drive trip through Namibia by SUV or 4×4 (at 14 litre per 100 km) one would thus have to support the planting of 3 trees to offset its emissions. The bigger the vehicle, the more trees required for a guilt free journey.

How does it work?

Asco Car Hire offers a (partial) CO2 compensation of your 4WD self drive trip by purchasing CO2 off-set units. For every two CO2 off-set units, one indigenous Namibian tree will planted on your behalf.

How much does it cost?

One CO2 off-set unit = Euro 15, which offset the emissions of approximately 500 km 4×4 driving. Purchasing two CO2 off-set units is enough to compensate for planting one new tree. You can buy as many CO2 off-set units (and therefor trees) as you like.


In addition to your 4×4 vehicle booking with or without camping equipment, you can add extra items, such as car insurance with better cover or extra equipment, such as a satellite phones, child seats, SIM cards, GPS or a compressor. When traveling with more than one car it can be fun to build in a 27mc transmitter / receiver (two-way-radio) which makes the communication ‘on the go’ more pleasant. All these extras contribute to a great 4×4 self-drive tour without any worries.

Car rental offers in Africa

All our vehicles are new or very recent and are being maintained to perfection and are subject to a comprehensive service every time before we hand them over to our clients.

Included in our prices are free transfers from the International Airport to Windhoek City (also to your accommodation in Windhoek City) and back.