GPS Navigation System

    • The Asco Assist GPS Navigation System unit from Garmin guides you through all Southern African countries, off-road as well as on the road.
    • Easy to use touch screen that shows distances and arrival time.
    • Hand-held (battery), or fixed in the vehicle powered by the cigarette lighter power outlet.
    • The Navigation System guides the user visually through turn-by-turn directions and verbally in 40 different languages to:


      • Custom addresses
      • Restaurants
      • Lodges, Hotels, Guesthouses, B&B’s
      • Intersections
      • Fuel stations
      • Transportation locations (airports, vehicle rentals, public transport)
      • Shopping locations
      • Banks and ATMs
      • Parking
      • Hospitals
      • Vehicle service locations
      • Entertainment & Recreation
      • Attractions
    • Detailed off-road maps with coordinates (software: Tracks For Africa)
    • Detailed city maps (software: Garmin)

(Excess in case of loss, theft and damages is N$ 2.500)
Rental price per day: € 5.00

Please book in advance