CO2 Compensation


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Namibia is a vast land and the average tourist often spends countless kilometres on its roads to see those areas of untouched natural beauty, unsurpassed scenery and the free-roaming wildlife it is renowned for.

Unfortunately every kilometre comes with a price, as carbon emissions caused by vehicles have a negative impact on this pristine land.

In a move towards carbon neutral tourism, Asco Car Hire decided to support the Eloolo Permaculture Organisation and Tourism Supporting Conservation Trust (TOSCO) to create Namibia’s very own carbon offsetting programme.
The initiative offers tourist to travel with a clean conscience by donating towards the planting of trees as a means to offset vehicles’ direct carbon emissions.

CO2 Emission: What to compensate?

As an estimate, each litre of diesel emits 2.64 kg of CO2, while one tree can absorb around 100 kg of carbon in its lifetime.
For example, for a 3 000 km self drive trip through Namibia by SUV or 4×4 (at 14 litre per 100 km) one would thus have to support the planting of 3 trees to offset its emissions. The bigger the vehicle, the more trees required for a guilt free journey.

CO2 Compensation: How does it work?

Asco Car Hire offers a (partial) CO2 compensation of your 4WD self drive trip by purchasing CO2 off-set units. For every two CO2 off-set units, one indigenous Namibian tree will planted on your behalf..

How much does it cost?

One CO2 off-set unit = Euro 15, which offset the emissions of approximately 500 km 4×4 driving. Purchasing two CO2 off-set units is enough to compensate for planting one new tree. You can buy as many CO2 off-set units (and therefor trees) as you like.

Can I visit the nursery site myself?

To date, two sites in Windhoek have been identified and are currently being prepared as carbon offsetting nurseries, one at the Dagbreek School for the Intellectually Impaired and the other at Farm Okukuna near Goreangab Dam, which forms part of the City of Windhoek’s Food Security Programme.
Visits to the Dagbreek tree nursery can be arranged by getting in touch with Donovan at or Felix at