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Photo equipment

When driving true Southern Africa, is like driving in a postal card. Vast plains, magnificent sceneries, the abundant wildlife. But also during a visit by a local tribe, you would like to capture that moment. We, now, can offer the best material for making that post card yourself. All our material is the best you find on the market and we follow the new technologies every day to keep our gear updated. Here is a glimp of our material:


To shoot that beautiful animal or that nice scenery we have for every situation the perfect lens. Using the Canon 24-70 F/4 you can shoot that endless landscape. Are you looking to zoom in further? With a Nikon 200-400 F/4 or with the Canon 500 F/4 you can take that nice close-up from your favourite animal.


With a top-end lens, a good camera body is a request. Choose between a CMOS sensor body or one of our full-frame cameras that will give you that picture you are looking for.


When using such good gear, the small details become important. For your ease of comfort, we offer you a stable and pretty bean bag. Or when you would like to filter certain light and use the right light, you can use one of our filters like a UV filter or circular polarisation filter.


Nowadays, technology is come so far that we can make also a nice video of top quality using easy to handle gear. Using a dash cam in front of your car, you can re-live your holiday when you are back home. Or go a step further and take your camera into the air with one of our drones.

If you would like to have more information, our team is ready to answer all of your questions to meet up your needs. When you don’t find your desired equipment, let us know and we can look for a good solution.

You can find our full price list here or visit our website for more information.